Walking through grief can be challenging for anyone, but I’m often asked what to do on the days when things seem even more challenging and more painful than normal.  There are absolutely days when you feel vulnerable to your grief and the pain of loss seems raw and exposed.  These are the days when you want to protect my heart and isolate from the world.   

Know that this is a normal part of the grief process.  It can happen any time, sometimes without any warning and it can be unsettling.  Don’t avoid it, and don’t ignore it.  Your heart and mind are helping you process your pain.   This means that you are moving through grief and you are one step closer to the other side of your pain. Know that the depth of pain you feel is temporary. You will find happiness again. (It’s what Grief Inspired is all about. )

So, what should you do when grief hits you even harder than usual? How can you support yourself?  First, take time to sit in silence and reflect on how you are feeling.  Ask yourself why it is coming up, now?  Let the sadness come in, let the tears flow and remember how much love you have for your loved one, sitting right next to the pain on your heart. 

There is a popular phrase that states, “In order to heal, you have to feel.”  This is a great time to journal and let your emotions out on paper.  Don’t worry about it being perfect and know that no one else will ever need to see it.  Just let the words come out and let the pain come out.  When the tears come, let them fall onto the paper.  Tears help the healing process.

I also recommend finding a quiet, secluded spot in nature to go and think.  Watch the leaves on the trees, listen to the waves of the ocean, or the ducks swimming across the pond.  Take in the air and feel one with the world around you.  Acknowledge the circle of life, birth and death, joy and pain, and how much you’ve been through. 

Give yourself the time you need and then find someone who understands to share what you’ve learned or what came up for you.  This will help solidify the experience and help in processing.  Find someone, like a coach, who can hold a safe space for sharing, who won’t try to fix what happened, but who is willing to understand your experience.  When you find the right person or the right coach, it is a gift to be cherished. 

You are not sick or broken, you are grieving.  You deserve support.

Love and Support,


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