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No One Should
Grieve Alone

Helping you find new meaning and purpose in life after death of a loved one.
“Catherine McNulty’s sharing of her personal experience, specific strategies to navigate the grief process, and ability to undo the aloneness of loss provides a welcome and needed framework for us in our time of need.” – Sue Cates, LMFT
“WOW, WOW, WOW! THIS DVD IS AMAZING!! I just feel like you recorded it for me!!!
I am so happy that I reached out to you! ”
– Rose in Newport, MA
“I strongly recommend that anyone should read through this book, especially those grieving. It will help you realize a new view on your own grief and that you will get through this and be ok.” – Rose in Newport, MA

Honor Your Loved One

Learn how you too can channel your pain into something that creates meaning and purpose and honors the one(s) you’ve lost.

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Learn How to Grieve

Grief is about your LIFE not the DEATH of your loved one. Regain control of how you navigate grief.

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Catherine discusses her book with Steve Kidd from Thrive Entrepeneur, shares her mission for Grief INSPIRED and offers ways for you to get support in your own Grief.

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The Gifts of Grief, Do More Than Survive Grief

No One Should Grieve Alone

In her best-selling book, The Gifts of Grief, Do More than Survive Grief, Catherine offers hope and inspiration by shining a light on your pain to help you see there is another side of grief. This book gives you hope and a place to start healing.

The Results We Create

Grief INSPIRED helps grieving individuals find hope for their future, do more than just survive grief, and allow grief to transform their life in a way that honors the ones they love. Many individuals find true meaning and purpose for their lives and are inspired to channel their pain to serve others.

gifts of grief box

Includes a FREE, ONE HOUR

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Send the Gifts of Grief Gift Box

The best way to support someone is to let them know you care. Touch their heart with this inspiring and supportive gift box. Includes The Gifts of Grief, Do more than Survive Grief book, a calming white howlite remembrance bracelet, a healing journal, soothing lavender body oil, hope candle, bedside picture frame, prayer cross and memory keepsake box.

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The Path of Healing Grief


At Grief INSPIRED, our goal is to not just survive grief, but to do MORE than survive grief. Grief INSPIRED creates a framework around grief that disrupts the conventional way most people grieve by offering a new mindset to grief and loss, how we grieve and what purpose, meaning and opportunities it creates for our lives.

Grief INSPIRED offers understanding, hope, support, connection and most importantly INSPIRATION for the future.

Grief INSPIRED breaks down the walls of silence around grief by encouraging open conversations about grief and loss and teaching those around us, how to support us in our grief.

The path the healing grief

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